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Kwanza. $1=KW80

Fuel costs

KW8 ($0.10!) / litre. Petrol is KW12  (But fuel was KW30 in plastic bidons in the towns north of Luanda).

Places to stay/camp

Camp grounds are rare and expensive. Must be aware of landmines when intending to bushcamp. Having said that, landmines are less of a risk to tourists than the popular stories would lead one to believe - i.e. the reason for the awful toll of casualties is statistical - millions of people spending years walking over the countryside = lots of incidents.
Other information Expensive visa CFA 50000, issued in 24 hours in Libreville. The official language is Portuguese, which made life difficult for us.  A few local people speak English, though often not more than a few words. French is slightly more common.

Overall rating

With a few inevitable exceptions, Angolans were among the friendliest we have come across. Amazingly considering that the country is only just emerging from 40 years of war, there were very few roadblocks, and the officials were always helpful, efficient, and undemanding. Local people were curious about us, not having seen many tourists, but were happy to leave us alone after introductions and pleasantries. A very welcome change!

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