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Argentine Peso ($).  US$1=$2.80-2.95

Fuel costs

$1.17 - $1.50 per litre for diesel

Places to stay/camp

Generally good campsites with hot water (sometimes for limited hours), clean toilets. Very cheap, typically $3-8 per person (pesos, not US). Bush camping is easy and widely practised.
Other information English widely spoken by South American standards. GMT-3 hrs, no daylight saving. Extremely inexpensive to live here, for foreigners, since the devaluation. Imported goods are expensive. Phone calls are quite costly, unless done from a domestic phone, using a calling card. Internet access is widely available, cheap, and fast. Movies on cable TV and in cinemas are in English with Spanish subtitles (usually). Wonderful tradition of drinking mate.

Overall rating

One of our favourite countries. Very European character in Bs.As.  Extremely hospitable, friendly, and helpful people. Some of the most beautiful countryside we have been through. Huge distances between places of interest, but most often quite good roads, major routes are excellent.