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Boliviano (Bs).  US$1=Bs7.82

Fuel costs

Bs3.12 per litre for diesel. Bs 3.30-3.50 for petrol

Places to stay/camp

Only seen one proper campsite, and it's not always easy to find secure overnight parking in towns. Magnificent and secure bush camps (in our experience), but can be coldish at high altitude even in the summer.
Other information GMT-4 hrs.  No visas necessary for UK or SA passport holders. Didn't need the carnet. Good, cheap Intenet apparently available in all major towns.

Lots of black diesel smoke, as I didn't change the fuel setting on the injector pump for the high altitude. More important to adjust a petrol engine, though. (The hole in our intercooler didn't help, though).

Roads range from excellent asphalt to terror inspiring mountain tracks. Main terror is due to the apparently suicidal Bolivia drivers. On mountain roads, uphill traffic keeps to the safer side; the downhill traffic sticks to the side with the loooong drop, regardless of whether is it on the left or the right. (Sensible system, since if anyone is speeding it will be the downhill guy).

Lots to see in this country in mountain, jungle, and city, but not a very well developed tourist infrastructure compared to what we hear of Peru.

Overall rating

Magnificent scenery, least European-looking population we have encountered so far. Very friendly people. One of our favourites to date.