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Central African CFA. 1 =  655 CFA. $1 = 570CFA

Diesel costs

405 CFA / litre

Places to stay/camp

Excellent bush camping in the rain forests, if you leave a fair amount of daylight to find good places.
Limbe Mile Six beach with its black volcanic beach sand is pleasant to spend a few days camping, at 2500CFA pppn
The Presbyterian Mission in Yaounde isn't ideal, but seems to be the only camping option in Yaounde. It cost us 5000CFA  for a double room (plus they try to charge for the vehicle parking too), and the same amount for camping in our vehicle.
Other information Did not have a visa and they are NOT issued at the border with Ekok (see journal entry).  We ended up paying just $16 in Buea and had no problems exiting.

Overall rating

An amazing amount of rainforest, but again evidence of logging and burning on a vast scale. Bilingual (French and English), and very hospitable. Very little apparent official corruption, especially after travelling in Nigeria!