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Canadian $. 1$=1.27 Cdn$

Fuel costs

Diesel: $0.54 - $0.65 /litre

Places to stay/camp

Bush camping is easy in almost all areas. Lots of RV and camp grounds too.
Other information GMT-5 to -8 hrs.

No visas necessary for UK or Irish passport holders. They didn't check any vehicle papers at the border on arrival or exit from/to the USA. Public and commercial Internet access is not very easy to come by, but as in the States, it is generally not hard to find open wireless connections, even in small towns.

Very good major and secondary roads. No toll roads (that we came across, anyway). Generally very good driving standards. Police live up to their reputation for friendliness.

One of the most beautiful countries we have travelled through (though we avoided the majority of the allegedly mind-numbing Great Plains). However, even in B.C. and the Yukon, the vast distances can make one a bit jaded by it all - it's hard to be breathtaken for 8 hours at a stretch!

Canadians struck us as being very politically aware, maybe because they have such a complex and dependent relationship with the USA. They let Quebec get away with some bizarrely racist (anti-English language) laws.