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Peso.  US$1=2500 pesos

Fuel costs

P$600-800 per litre for diesel, P$1000-1400/litre for petrol

Places to stay/camp

We saw no commercial campsites, and, given Colombia's reputation, we tried to find secure places to camp in the mid-afternoons. Hotel grounds, love motels, etc.
Other information GMT-5 hrs.  Visas necessary for Irish and SA passport holders - takes a long time. No visa required for UK. Used the carnet. Internet is fast and cheap, at least in the big towns.

Excellent major roads, well signposted and maintained, with a few badly potholed exceptions. We didn't really use any secondary roads. Lots of police and military presence on the roads, friendly and polite, mainly waved us through.  Toll roads abound, and are expensive - we passed through more than 30 toll plazas, averaging $4.

Not as spectacular as Bolivia, but perhaps the most widely beautiful scenery in South America - very few areas were bland or dull.

Still fairly expensive, but no evidence of discriminatory pricing. In general, the most friendly and helpful people in South America in our experience - and all the travellers we met in the country said much the same thing.

Sad that people are so scared to visit Colombia - propaganda is an amazingly effective tool. Not that Colombia doesn't have real problems - guerrillas and drug cartels - but the main problems are now restricted to certain parts of the country, and the government has  it largely under control. As long as one sticks to sensible travel practices it's probably safer in many ways than most of the other countries we have travelled in.

For information on shipping a private vehicle from Cartagena, see the Colombia section of the Journal. The last section of that page describes in detail the process that we went through.