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Fuel costs

Diesel: $0.27/litre - Petrol:$0.51/litre

Places to stay/camp

Very few commercial campsites. Good bush camping in the less populated regions, otherwise service stations or love motels...
Other information GMT-5 hrs.  No visas necessary for UK, Irish or SA passport holders. Used our carnet, although may not be necessary.  Cheap Intenet apparently available in all major towns, but often closed.

Roads pretty good in places, but even main roads often have fallen into disrepair. Mud- and rock-slides can be a problem.

Ecuador is the most expensive in South America so far, since they have adopted the dollar instead of the Sucre. Cheap diesel takes the edge off the high prices, though.

Very much into discriminatory pricing, especially on their big attractions - Galapagos, Amazonia, etc.

Toll roads are plentiful and getting more expensive - a few dollars every 50km or so.