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The length of our equipment list was eventually defined by what we could fit into Nyathi.  We designed her ensuring that every last bit of available space could be used for storage and tried to ensure we spread the weight as evenly and low down as possible, for stability.

We categorised our equipment by camping, food, kitchen, office & navigation, personal, first aid & toiletries, vehicle, spares and tools (a full equipment list is detailed under Packing List). We both agreed that there were certain ‘luxury items’ that we would like to include.  For the extremely hot conditions - notably our ‘home-built’ freezer, which required much deliberation and input from various friends and experts (and successfully freezes a 2-litre bottle of water to ice overnight!) For the colder climes our duck-down duvet and an Ebersbacher (used to preheat the vehicle and cabin space) and for navigation a touch screen computer linked to the GPS and lastly, a satellite phone for keeping in touch and emergency use.