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Camp and day’s information: Monday, 20th  June 2005

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Wiesloch Park
Nr Mannheim



Warm day, cool breeze. Max

Doughnuts! Nutty bread, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce

As Plzen is the Pilsener capital of the world we did quite a lot of beer shopping.  The prices were so low compared to the UK, even when taking bottle deposit into account.  I also found quite a few nice looking wines from Chile, Argentina and Australia, so we got those too.  In the Nova hypermarket we discovered the most delicious fresh, chocolate doughnuts and we spent the remainder of our cash on almost two dozen of them!

Passing into Germany we just had to show our passports which they inspected briefly and they waved us on.  We stopped at a rest area about 20km further on and Michael cleared some memory on the computer while I made up names for the next countries out of the remaining letters.  A green van with emergency lights and Zoll written on the side pulled up next to us.  They were from customs and the two officials (who were very pleasant) asked to see our passports and they looked in one of Nyathi's external compartments.  We thought it was funny as Zoll is a slang term in South Africa for marijuana.

Germany was a pleasure to drive through, which is sadly, about all we did.  The roads were excellent and the scenery beautiful.  The farmlands are so interesting because there is such a diversity of crops planted in one area.  It all looks so well organised and the villages the pop up from the valleys are picture perfect.

The other thing we noticed in the area we passed was that the major motorways are deliberately lined with plantations of trees and shrubs which must cut down considerably on noise pollution in the towns.

We got to see one of the most breathtaking sunsets we have seen in a long while with bright, burnt oranges melting into deep pinks.  We stopped at a small park for the night where it was lovely and peaceful.