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Cedi. $1 = 8600 Cedi.  1 = 9500 Cedi

Fuel costs

3888 Cedi/litre

Places to stay/camp

Bush camping seems to be generally good.
Anomabu Beach hotel offers best value so far, at $3pppn for  camping. Good, inexpensive food, cheap beer.
We stayed at Pitstop in Accra, where Ian kindly allowed us to camp. A good opportunity to catch up on some vehicle maintenance.
Other information Visa $70. Application in quadruplet, with 4 photos, issued in 24 hours in Ouagadougou. Good to stock up on supplies in Accra - good shops and cheaper than in Benin, Cameroon, Gabon etc.

Overall rating

Again, extremely friendly.  The first of the rainforest, though quite a bit of chainsaw logging, burning etc.  Good beaches too.