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Camp and day’s information: Tuesday, 21st  June 2005

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Motorway Rest Area
N of Eijsden



Very hot. 

Doughnuts! Nutty bread, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce . Cold meats / salad

Before leaving Germany we drove along some of the smaller roads through some charming towns and villages.  We took the opportunity to buy some German beer to add to our collection. 

Luxembourg was rather enchanting, although the drivers were rude and impatient.  The capital was very pleasant, but not as stunning as the guide book led us to believe.  The castle looked impressive on the hill overlooking the valley and the streets were pristine and clean, lined with well restored stately-looking buildings.

We filled up with diesel near Diekirch and then drove out into the countryside which was lovely.  At first we encountered verdant valleys and farming areas, but as we got closer to the Sure / Our rivers, the road became a little more winding and the views more interesting.  By far the most picturesque village we drove through was Vianden, but there was a lot of competition.  The homes and gardens were all lovingly tended and bursting with colourful blossoms and perfectly pruned trees.  Vianden scored first prize for its magnificent castle domineering the village from its lofty perch and the tranquil river complete with friendly ducks drifting slowly through the town.  There were also some intriguing old buildings and shops.  However, the edge was taken off by some less than friendly locals (or perhaps visitors)?

We continued to follow the river north and saw plenty of caravan parks dotted along the river bank.  We drove up into the forested hills a bit and headed north for Liege in Belgium, where the terrific scenery continued. We had managed to get hold of our friends Florence and John and dropped by to visit them in Eijsden.  John was unfortunately up in the north of Holland, but we had a lovely time visiting Florence and Emilie.

We relaxed and sat in their beautiful garden and ate our fill of cold meats, salads, cheeses, breads and sweet dates.  We drove just beyond Eijsden and stayed in a big rest area, where we chatted to some friendly Dutch truck drivers.  I loved the fact that the guys were both taller than Michael and sported ankle socks and leather clogs!