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Camp and day’s information: Thursday, 16th  June 2005

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N of Budapest
Nr Danube River



Warm day, late 20°Cs

Hot crusty rolls, jam & cheese. Salad, ham cheese. Biscuits & sardines

Hungary was pleasant, but probably one of the less spectacular countries we have visited so far in Europe.  The countryside was lush and green, but nothing stood out as being exceptional.  Perhaps we have just been spoilt from driving through so many amazing places with such breathtaking beauty.

Budapest was, however, a lovely city.  It had a certain romance about it and that wasn't only because we saw more evidence of public affection and deep throat kissing here, than we have seen in a long time.  people seemed to be in no big hurry to go anywhere and both old and young were strolling around the city or relaxing in public gardens near their homes.

We chose a wonderful time to visit the city in the early evening.  The old buildings had a welcoming warmth to them and we climbed up to the top of Castle Hill to take in the views over the Danube.  The Church of Our Lady in the Buda Castle was splendid.  The mosaic of roof tiles were vibrant and even though the church was undergoing restoration, it was still beautiful.

The information that was posted about the restoration work is among the most informative and professionally presented we have seen.  we always comment when we visit old buildings that it would be good to know what is original and when and where the restorations took place - top marks for that!  The other thoughtful idea was the replica model they had for blind people to feel, along with information in Braille.


There was an imposing statue of St Stephen on his grand horse and palatial walls overlooking the river below.  We wandering down Uri Ucta street to the Royal Palace.  Again there were striking statues, big iron gates and phenomenal views of Pest city.  The sun was casting a shimmering glow across the Danube in front of the parliament buildings and the boats were slowly drifting past.

For a change we took photos of other people's cars today.  Normally Nyathi is being photographed either by us and often other people, but these two colourful cars in the city caught our eye...


We drove north out of the city and were fortunate to find a place to bush camp in a small rough field behind a small industrial building, down toward the river.  There was a biking and walking path which went by and we saw quite a few people walking their dogs and enjoying the last of the day's sunshine.

Michael is now also suffering from "bites" so we both put ointment on, ate a small dinner of savoury biscuits and chilli sardines and sat upstairs and watched a DVD.