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West African CFA. 1 = 630 - 655 CFA

Fuel costs


Places to stay/camp

Timbuktu - Hotel Camping Tombouctou. Drab, but clean showers and toilets.  Very little shade.
Dogon Village - Douro, two available, neither particularly recommended.
Dogon Village - we'd recommend Hotel Le Alakala in Ende. 2,500CFA for the room, well decorated, with very clan facilities and friendly staff.
Sevare, Mopti - Mac's Refuge.  Highly recommended for a wonderful break in a very organised, clean, well run establishment.  We think best value is to sleep on the terrace or in your roof tent, but you still get the great environment! (see journal for more info).
Other information Visa 35 euros.  Issued on the spot in Rabat.  Entry into Mali from Nema, stop at Lerneb for first checkpoint.

Overall rating

Extremely friendly people.  Less demands for cadeaux.