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1 = 250 - 280 ouguiya (UM)

Fuel costs

Approx 90UM (0.35)

Places to stay/camp

Nouadhibhou - Camping Baie Le Levrier.  Very clean and generally quiet, except for the odd tour guide or money exchanger, who understand when you say no.  Central location, tree for shade in courtyard! Owner, Ali is very helpful. 1000 UM per person per night (no vehicle charge). Good patisserie next door with pain au chocolat!

Atar - disappointing, but still provides clean facilities.

Other information Piste route from Nouadibhou to Choum, easily manageable, just stay roughly parallel to the railway line.  Tracks from Choum to Atar easy to follow. Do not pay any money when leaving the country - it is NOT a requirement.  Entry into Mali from Nema pistes difficult to track, but using waypoints is OK.

Overall rating

Not as friendly, nor as organised as Morocco.