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Peso. US$1=10.8 pesos

Fuel costs

Diesel: P5.06/litre

Places to stay/camp

Very tourist oriented in many places. Bush camping is possible almost everywhere away from cities, although we had a few problems with locals laying  (dubious) claim to the land and either chasing us off or demanding payment. Pemex service stations (they are all Pemex) are generally accommodating but noisy. 
Other information GMT-6/7hrs.  No visas necessary for UK or Irish passport holders. Carnet not needed, but temporary importation of vehicle costs about $30 and an imprint of a credit card (or a deposit of a few hundred dollars). Internet is cheap and widely available.

Very good major roads (often), and secondary roads are often good too. Toll roads are very expensive by past standards (it would cost us several hundred dollars to travel by the toll roads), and hard to avoid (very badly signposted). Get a good map beforehand, as the maps readily available in Mexico are abysmal - almost unusable. Drivers prone to drunkenness at fiesta times, weekends, evenings, etc.

Very interesting and varied country, though sometimes not the friendliest of people - maybe they are a bit jaded by all the tourists. Expensive even by Central American standards - easing us into North American prices?