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Naira. $1 = 85N - 135N, maybe one could get more, but 135 seemed to be the ceiling. We never discovered the official bank rate.

Fuel costs

Officially price controlled at 26N / litre, but the diesel shortage (huh?) meant that all the garages charged 45N. Asked more, of course.

Places to stay/camp

We took a room (and camped!) at a hotel in Benin City, and covered as many kms as we could on each of the two days. We were forced to bush camp close to the exit border, but in fact had quite a secure night with the armed Immigration patrol.
Other information Visa $62 for UK, $42 for Ireland.  Issued the same day (after some convincing) at embassy in Benin,  for 3-day transit only.  Best to get your visa in your country of residence.

Overall rating

Parts of Nigeria are beautiful, but that was really the country's only apparent redeeming feature. We'd skip this country if we had the choice. So many people work so hard at trying to relieve you of your money by extortion, overcharging, cheating, theft, robbery, confidence tricks, intimidation, etc. that it is hard to remember that the majority of the population are probably well-meaning, generous people. We didn't meet many of the majority, it seems.