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Guarani (Gn).  US$1=Gn5900.00

Fuel costs

Gn2400-2600 per litre for diesel

Places to stay/camp

Very few places set up for tourists - we saw very few campsites, if any. Very friendly people, easy bush camping.
Other information GMT-3 hrs.  Internet and phone are expensive compared to Argentina.  Meals, food, drinks are a bit cheaper. Very cheap electrical goods, and branded goods like sunglasses and clothing. Some of it is fake, some is genuine but cheap. Asuncion is known for being a contraband capital!

Long queue at the border from Brazil.

Irish passport holders need a visa. UK and South Africa don't.

Overall rating

We thought of Paraguay as just a way of getting to Bolivia, but it was very interesting in its own right. Relaxed people, friendly, and some lovely scenery. The Chaco in the rainy season is beautiful but hot, humid, and uncomfortable, with bad roads. Mennonite community is at odds with the rest of the country, and is quite remarkable.