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Sole.  US$1=3.46 soles

Fuel costs

S/2.00 - S/2.30 per litre for diesel

Places to stay/camp

Very few commercial campsites, and it's hard to find secure overnight parking in towns. Good bush camping, generally. Cold at the high altitudes even in the summer.
Other information GMT-5 hrs.  No visas necessary for UK or SA passport holders. Didn't need the carnet. Good, cheap Intenet apparently available in all major towns.

Very good major roads, but minor roads are treacherous - can be impassable in the wet.

Much more tourist oriented than Bolivia - can be expensive. Food and drink in restaurants is noticeably more pricey than Bolivia, but cheap if you order the set menus. Lots of discriminatory pricing. Toll roads are common but cheap - a dollar or two per hundred km.